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Assisted living in Cleveland OH

Gardens at Cleveland elder care is your home base for all, making life rich and vibrant -- activities, enthusiasm, learning, and growing. It is all here for you. Our supportive assisted living in Cleveland services guarantee you have the liberty to enjoy new experiences with just the ideal amount of assistance while preserving your independence.

We offer a variety of volunteer teams, classes, activities, and much more. You are in the ideal location if you wish to fill your calendar. At our assisted living in Cleveland, you have flexibility. You will enjoy inviting family and friends into a residence. Take a stroll, enjoy talking with your neighbors at community happy hour, go to a local convention or trip you've been dreaming about... let us do it.

Your next pleasant journey begins here.

In the same way, your life story is yours; your adventure at our assisted living in Cleveland is also unique. We want you to live your life and to BE You! Experience is more comfortable and enjoyable because while you enjoy wellness and activities, we tend to all of the necessities. You'll love every encounter you have here -- each action, event, and trip. And the best part is: They are included in your monthly lease.

Activities & Wellness

Assisted living in Cleveland, OH, at our facility provides an assortment of opportunities to relax, play, and research. Please fill out your social calendar we offer. Enjoy applications and our unique holiday events. Invite your loved one's members and friends to join in the fun.

Besides a bustling program, your health objectives are supported by assisted living in Cleveland. Live it up with wellness programs created to help you stay fit your way, at your pace. You feel great emotionally when you genuinely feel great physically!

Amenities & Services

We create communities where citizens flourish and relationships grow. Assisted living in Cleveland, OH, is the home -- with unlimited possibilities. Consider housekeeping, scheduled meticulous landscaping, transportation service, and ample space. We do the work so you can do everything you dream. Embark on experiences. Kick back with a great book and enjoy life.

We all know if you would like to stick around and enjoy our signature programs, although we invite you to get outside and experience all that life offers. You will have much more, and playing games with friends, embracing technology.


Whether you're hosting your household or breaking bread, we understand that food is a significant part of life. Assisted living in Cleveland, OH provides menus to suit most nutritional needs. However, above all, they are healthy and delicious meals you'll like to consume.

We don't buy into the concept that three meals each day at specific times satisfy everybody's needs. Because you would like to eat foods that, when you feel like it, you love, we give dining options in our program. We are providing your meals your way!