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Home care

This may be available as professional assistance that enables a person to reside in their homes safely. In-home care services give aid to someone who is in their golden years and needs help living independently, with or without comorbidities. Professional caregivers provide short or long-term care in the home, based on their needs.

Home HealthCare Cleveland OH

Though it is inevitable, accepting the fact that you might need help as you reach the age of retirement is frustrating. You’ve been used to doing everything on your own, driving your family for their daily tasks, they rely on you on small tasks. But let’s get real, as you age more and more, doing those things are going to be more challenging. The thought of institutional services may seem strange for you, Home HealthCare Cleveland OH can surely help you live more comfortably in your home for a length of time.

We offer the following services:

  • Household maintenance. If you are having a hard time keeping your house together, then surely we can help. We do light housework, from laundry, cleaning, to cleaning out the garbage.
  • Transportation. This is very crucial for every elderly. Every now and then, you need to go for your medical follow-up with your doctor, so you are updated on your health. Of course, your social life is also important too. Basically, we help you get to wherever and whenever you want to go.
  • Personal care. This is to help you get on and about with your daily tasks, such as getting dressed, taking a bath, or meal preparations. Health Aide Cleveland can provide services depending upon the number of hours you specifically require. We also included blood pressure monitoring and medication reminders.
  • Health care. Trained health care professionals come to your home depending on the type of condition you have. With this kind of care, it is worth looking into a medical with insurance. It’s a bit tricky when it comes to using such insurance. Ask a lawyer who is deeply knowledgeable about elder laws.
  • Day programs. This is a type of adult care center, for those who are in need of socializing with the same age bracket. This is also to help out your primary caregivers as they are momentarily relieved of their duty.

Examples of home care assistance Cleveland

Personal care and companionship.

  • Assist in the daily overall care of the elderly
  • Making sure that safety is observed in assisting in mobility, as well as bed transfers, and fall preventions
  • Help in organizing meal plans, light house chores, reminding to take medications, and chaperone to appointments and such
  • Joining social events and hobbies
  • Safety monitoring the elderly with cognitive impairment

Consultation with a doctor is not required, the care is done on a scheduled basis that suits the needs of the elderly.

Private nursing care

  • Care for various diseases
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Ventilator care
  • Giving medications
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Feeding tube care
  • Catheterization care
  • Ostomy care

Consultation is required by a doctor. Is done primarily in shifts.

Home health care services

  • Therapy (Physical and Occupational)
  • Medical social services

Also required consultation from a doctor. Care is given by home visits on a short-term basis until the goal is done by the client.

Talking about home care with your loved one

It can be heartbreaking to see your loved one struggle in caring for oneself. Maybe it’s time to talk to the family regarding this matter. Approaching it in a non-judgemental way is appropriate. There will be some resistance at first, but as you go through with it, your loved ones will eventually give in. 

Do you know someone who is in need of a home care service? Call Home HealthCare Cleveland OH and let us know.